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Darius Lewis- live from Sweden

Greetings everyone, I would like to welcome everyone back to BossaMore podcast on a strong note. I want to thank everybody that has supported the clothing line and the podcast. This year 2022 we are coming in strong and celebrating greatness and giving people their roses why they can still smell them. On this episode of BossaMore podcast we will be welcoming an American football star that is playing football overseas. This player was a former teammate of Bossa MARR and he’s representing the Maryland athletes. I would Love to ask you guys to give my guess Darius Lewis a warm welcome and listen in as he has to adapt from American culture to culture overseas. Mr Lewis also speaks...

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Joshua Massoth Interview

  Greetings everyone, I would like to welcome everyone both new and returning back to Bossa More podcast on a positive note. Today we have special guest Joshua Massoth here To discuss some of his newest projects and Latest Collabs that he has coming in the future. We also Get deep into how Joshua became a Taylor and some of the trials and tribulations he had to face. Today is a very special day seeing that Josh is releasing a few limited pieces from his bandemic collection. Make sure you follow Josh on all social media platforms @JoshuaMassoth Be on the lookout for the Joshua Massoth x Bossa More NFT capsule airdrop that will be releasing June 22, 2022. This...

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Bossa More University Podcast- The Return

Greetings folks, welcome back to “Bossa More University Podcast”. I’d like to welcome myself as the host of the show Bruva Marr aka “Bossa “. Here on this podcast we love to converse about new business opportunities and self education mechanisms to help self made entrepreneurs or those Inspiring to be just that. We encourage daily reading and self education to all our viewers and listeners. With great knowledge comes great power, with great power comes great responsibility so you owe it to yourself to educate your self to the highest degree possible. We offer great book suggestions and open dialogue with our quest that are invited to the show or those whom leave comments in the live comment section....

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