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Krunchberry Cartel

Welcome back family, Today is valentine's day check out the latest content with ya boyz Bruva Ty and Bruva Marr. Our guest for this evening is Kayla Kartel ,CEO of Krunchberey Kartel. We will be chopping it up and discussing boss moves and grubbing on some gourmet strawberries made by the boss lady Kayla. special thank you to Shakayla for being a great business owner that is constantly striving and motivating others. You can place your orders now. Shakayla's Instagram business : @KrunchberryCartel - Tasty Strawberries that are highly recommend.

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Elevating with Jasmine Smith

It's easy to say your elvating and growing in life, but when it comes to true growth there will always be sacrifices made for the betterments of one's development. As you elevate through life, do you struggle to understand why you are losing peers as you elevate yourself? Tune Into Bossa More University Podcast as we discuss real life topics with our Host, Bruva Mar as he discusses real life situations in life some may face. This week we have he boss lady Jasmine smith making a guest appearance elaborating on today's topic of elevating in life with honorable quest, Young Cali Macc of 700 Entertainment west.

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Issac Frost

Welcome back family to another powerful episode on Bossa More Podcast. Our guest for this evening goes by the name of Isaac Frost. This brother right here is a music producer, twitch gamer, and has his own clothing line called Untamed Hype. I'll leave his info in the bio below. Oh yeah one more thing go ahead and hit that like button, show some support for yo boyz , Bruva Marr n Bruva Ty. "The strong will not just only survive but also destroy" Y'all stay dangerous out there.Word Out.

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Super Serpentz Cultivation

Check out the latest content with ya boyz Bruva Mar and Bruva Ty. Today we have two special returning guest this evening of a upcoming cultivation brand. Super Serpetnz is an upcoming growing cultivation brand that's quickly on the rise thanks to two motivated CEO's @Issa.grow & @Superserpentz , Today we will be catching up to these two young bosses to see how things are going with the brand and how the vegetation stages are developing and the new clothing and merchandise that is being created for the loyal supporters. Tap in show some love to the channel and make sure you subscribe to the channel for all the latest news and merchandise releases

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Bruva Ty's Family smokez Podcast Ft.Bruva Marr, Big C, and Cali Macc

ANALYTICS EDIT VIDEO Welcome to all new and old subscribers. This Section of the Podcast will feature myself attending other podcast platforms and behind the scenes activity of the Los Angeles nightlife. This section will also have live performances and virtual performances posted. Be sure to Like subscribe and tune into Bruva Ty's youtube channel "Family Smokez Podcast". Make sure you check out the Bossa More Clothing website to purchase Clothing and watch all the latest episodes of Bossa More University Podcast.

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